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6 strongest reasons to delete YouTube channels during 2015

With the beginning of 2015 Zadeh stricter with YouTube channels and as especially with the Arabs and the reason that many Arabs violates Sasha directly and frequently fall into the trap everyone encroachment on property rights where to download video from YouTube and then lifting again this folly is a given,

 Because the YouTube video when it is lifted to take the ID and automatically saves the video in its servers and this is a hands pictures and sound and Hatta faces sometimes.
 So when you are trying Video raise you downloaded from YouTube is Robot Automatic addressing the private video you and if there is no identical tells you that the video content already exists and the latter if left Video identical content is one of the YouTube clients review your video and if indeed he found the stolen goods will be deleted channel without even warning.
On the other filler Description effort to tag words without meaning s too much I'll tell you dear visitor that YouTube has set 01/02/2015 through a small group of dedicated customers to delete these channels and the laws are very strict whether large or small your channel famous or at the beginning will be deleted without even notified.
Third sexual content this particular have a very severe censorship of YouTube videos lifted if video for adults only will be deleted within one hour as YouTube said in its strange thing but this YouTube Google and its leader will be a simple matter for her Believe me.
Although we Arabs will not dare Muslim to do things like this but in other countries this is done already because they do not distinguish between sex videos and non-sexual terms YouTube said in this matter. "" If you did not distinguish what is the video for adults only fi video you can not see it in front of your family or in the street ... ""
Finally advice Keep your channel well and do not try to play with YouTube

Greetings to you and to the new lesson Grace of God

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