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Profit from YouTube YouTube 2016

In the framework of the keenness site MAKE EXTRA MONEY to introduce and explain all the profit ways of the Internet we address today to talk about the profit from YouTube where This is the way of the easiest and fastest ways to profit from the Internet, but let's at first recognize YouTube and upbringing then explain then how to profit from it.

What is YouTube

The site YouTube (YouTube) a website that allows users to raise visual recordings (video) for free and watch them through the live broadcast, share and comment on them can also be downloaded on computers to return to it at any time, and is a site YouTube practice of social networking sites Social Media, but of course different where only allow elevation of videos only.

YouTube depart on February 14 of 2005 by three former employees of PayPal Inc. are Chad Hurley
 and Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, in the city of San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe Flash technology to display the animated sections
Site Content varies between movie clips, TV, music, video produced by hobbyists, and others.
In October 2006 Google announced that access to the Convention for the purchase of the site in exchange for 1.65 billion US dollars, equivalent to 1.31 billion euros.
"Time" magazine chose YouTube website man in 2006 for his role in giving the opportunity to its visitors in the production of materials that they offer on-site

Bénéfice de YouTube par le partenaire Programme Partenaire YouTube YouTube.

Quel est le programme Partenaire YouTube de partenariat?

Programme Partenaire YouTube permet créateur de contenu de monétiser et de profiter de YouTube YouTube de différentes façons, y compris la publicité et les abonnements payants illustrations commerciales et commentaires. Outre de rejoindre le programme de partenariat, les créateurs de contenu peuvent profiter de la variété des ressources et des fonctions et programmes offerts par YouTube pour vous aider à créer ce canal (canaux) et gagner le public.

Avantages du Programme Partenaire YouTube

En tant que partenaire YouTube, vous pouvez établir vos vidéos et de vérifier qui en bénéficie en fournissant en plaçant des annonces lesquelles vous avez fourni réseau Google la propriété appropriée. Le programme de partenariat vous permet de profiter des avantages suivants:
Augmenter les chances de réaliser des profits - YouTube est le plus grand forum pour afficher des vidéos dans le monde, qui vous donne accès à une audience mondiale grâce à un contenu qui a été réalisé les revenus.
Profitez de la flexibilité offerte par la Convention est pas exclusive - YouTube ne pas imposer de restrictions sur les endroits où les partenaires peuvent télécharger le contenu et la distribution d'entre eux, ce qui vous permet de générer des revenus à partir de votre contenu sur YouTube et d'autres sites.
Suivi du rendement et Adarth- YouTube Analytics fournit une variété de rapports pour vous aider à suivre votre performance et rémunération dans YouTube et la formation des idées peuvent vous aider à améliorer votre performance.

How to join the YouTube Partner Program

You can subscribe to the YouTube Partner Program and make a profit from YouTube in most countries of the world today, including the majority of our Arab countries
Until the user takes advantage of this service is to achieve a good profit, you should:

Be is a video producer and not just a copy or recording of satellite channels, such as that depicted is Amentj or video clips of animated short films produced ... etc
Videos to be innovative and creative in order to bring millions of viewers to spread in the space of social networks, because to achieve financial gain needs to wide acclaim for video.
There are other terms and conditions required by the YouTube site to become a partner with them, in addition to that this system is not available to all countries of the world.

Terms of use YouTube Partner Program

Profit from YouTube requires several conditions, including:

All videos must be in the channel of your productivity and your rights has deployed does not allow you to upload videos on your channel her ownership rights to others, this expose you to expulsion and the loss of your channel.
The absence of any audio clip or images within your video, but if you own him.
Have Adsense Adsense account. Go where your earnings from YouTube directly to your Adsense. You can read how to get Adsense Adsense account.
That you have a lot of followers and admirers on your channel on YouTube.
Regularly download videos on YouTube. And if you 100 video clip as an example will bring enormous profits per month from YouTube.
Mark your videos more important and useful to bring many of the viewers to realize a good profit.
Concerned with key words to make Fedohatk occupies the first rank in the first page.
Mark your videos short so as not to tire the viewer an ideal time for the video between 50 seconds to three minutes, and if you make a long educational lessons, try to separate the syllables so that the viewer does not get tired.

Ways and ideas to make a profit from YouTube?

Educational explanations

This method is the most popular Profit ways of YouTube. If you are privileged in the field of technical or academic subject you like, you can simply the work of an educational video explaining where what you know easy and simple manner, which brings you a lot of visitors, and most of the bloggers Arabs known profit from YouTube in this way
Only advice important to you, my brother moved away from each paid program or dredgers That could lead to close your account. As you know that these topics contrary to the policy of Adsense


 I know that many of them are enamored of filming places and sights or landscapes or daily events where you can use that to compile some of the photos I took in a video and put some of the effects that can be easily learned by using one montage programs, and work channel on youtube and raise this Videos for those who want to view the most beautiful photos taken by you, my brother and my observation so that they are always a big Views tried lifting the high-quality videos. Tools used: professional camera and good editing software such as Sony Vegas

Videos marketing

This type of videos and difficult process for beginners, but I know that a lot of people who work in the sales commission make promotional videos for goods they want to sell it would be the best place YouTube to increase your profits and your product definition, one of the basics of e-marketing.

There are many other things you can profit from the YouTube You just have to know what you want to do.

Tips to raise your video in YouTube Order

After the video should raise attention to some important points that affect the lifting of the order of your videos and increase your views and thus increase your profits and is much like raising arrange the positions in the search engines and can be shortened in

Title - Title :: Vohmha the first of which is the title your video because the title is what appears to the viewer and shows that this video is the one who wants and who draws him to pressure him and watch it.

Description - Description :: It is just as important as the title because it makes your video is
 distinguished from other shows and even more in the search results whenever more accurate and more specific and expression of the theme of the video.
Keywords - Tags :: Make it famous words you searched for on the Internet personally on the subject of the video.

VIDEOS - Video Thumbnails - a picture picked up by YouTube at random from your video and show to viewers when searching for your video in YouTube next to the title of the video, which attracts the attention of the viewer more to put pressure on your video choose the best as you can choose a custom of your image and this much better.

Privacy - Privacy Settings - Always Make Public to be a phenomenon in YouTube and search results and attract the viewer and reap profits, God willing.
The word to those who watched the video - Post to your subscribers :: a welcome speech. You can not leave them empty importance of its profits, but you can write the most watched videos to reap
 more to prepare videos no more.

Privacy - Privacy Settings - Always Make Public to be a phenomenon in YouTube and search results and attract the viewer and reap profits, God willing.
The word to those who watched the video - Post to your subscribers :: a welcome speech. You can not leave them empty importance of its profits, but you can write the most watched videos to reap more to prepare videos no more.
Also publishing - Also share to :: You can through this option at the bottom of Alvedbo to publish your video on various social networks such as Twitter and Facebook and others that bring him more from spreading.
Category - Category :: here you simply choose the category of your video from the list.

Thus was lifted video and outfitted for visitors and viewers and search engines is now ready to reap profits and Views!

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In the end it remains to say that the profit from YouTube, like all profit ways from the Internet that require hard work and patience to achieve the desired success and what we talked about in this subject is very little of the many information circulating on the Internet and that you should be looking and exploring them to be able to develop your skills and own your strategies to make a profit from YouTube the best and easiest ways.

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