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Working from home in three steps

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What is the first work from home?

In fact, work from home are many things includes many, many areas means and ways in which it is possible pursued by
So you get a monthly income from the internet

In a journey to find a suitable job, we find ourselves faced with two choices only two, first self-employment or government work, and job opportunities in these days did not become many, and it is getting harder by the day to that invoked  youth to the Internet, trying to find jobs vacant and do not need to mode. This is already provided by the open online market for all (free jobs)

All you have to do is find the right to start the road, and to find the shows you how to profit from the Internet without  or exploits physically, and this is what you'll find if you browse Seo true, but since you have not yet deepened in the field of SEO, I advise you to read this post to the end of the 

Why work from home?

As far as your efforts reaped profits
No mode or certificate is required
Open market wide open for the ambitious
You can develop your abilities and experience for free
I do not have to work under the command of someone

This work from home is a short cut safe and happy life are looking for everybody but before that shall begin your journey in the world of the Internet, you must follow these steps, which are needed in order to be your trip is safe, profitable, stable

The first stepYou must have a credit card electronic


So start working from home you have to possess a credit card to deal online, so you can deal with people, sites and companies, to be acquisition of credit card electronic, this has become very easy these days, just go to any nearby bank to you and ask how to get a card credit of the Internet, Web

Step Two: You have to have the Paypal account

After Aguetnaik of the credit card in your own, you will have to participate in the largest online bank in the world, the Bank PayPal, approved by more than 3 million site on the Internet, and are dealt with at the level of the whole world, the goal of subscribing to Bank PayPal is a portfolio your private email, you can receive your winnings or send them an electronic remittances to people, or buy services or products online without having to use your credit card directly.

Bank Paypal available tape, in which all countries of the world, but for the Arab countries there are some prohibited states from the receipt of funds on the account, and some countries can send and receive on-Money Line without problems, then go to thislink to make sure that your country is available in the registration and to receive and send money Online Line.

But in any case to deal online, if you were not your country from within available to them receiving countries and sending profits online, it will register a new account in your name, but titled in another state available where trading on the Paypal without problems, and this is common in abundance and there is a seriousness on your account, as for the withdrawal of funds from Paypal Cash account, if you were not your country from the countries available to them to receive the dividend on Visa or your bank account, you will have to deal with one of the mediators mail drag Arabs and advise you mediator supported in DNA in the Arab de called Money Counter site

Step ThreeCreate a Website

Any ways to profit on the Internet will be through your site, so you will have to create a site on the Internet, specializing in the field you care about him and you have a lot of information about him, and before proceeding to create your site I advise you to read this post (How to create a successful site) then you can start in the direction to easier a way to profit from the Internet, a Google Adsense, of course, there are many ways to profit from the Internet, such as marketing commission or payment by the act or the so-called Cost per Action CPA an area that needs you to learn first with him and know him closely before you start it.

Do not worry after that are the first two steps of this step will be very easy, to create a new site today is easier than you think, you can start for free by a blog blog spot or Word Press, the most important thing you worry it before you start your site, is the content that will be written inside, and you must know how to market this site and how to strengthen it in the search engines and this so-called SEO

Best regards: Ali Salouhi

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