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How to be the first in YouTube

How to be the first in YouTube 

Perhaps you understand and finally realized that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and the biggest source of visits and Bandwidth
Valuotjub enter nearly 30 million people per day
Today I will explain the ins and basics

How to be the first in YouTube 

Strategy issued in YouTube search results

Before you begin to explain the strategy Saric Video from My Videos Atsdr in its search results and YouTube as well as Google

This video ranked first in YouTube

How to be the first in YouTube 

Now you can see that this strategy is effective and can occupy your video for the first five places at 5 Search and YouTube with ease
Now we have the strategy to follow step by step

Step 1: Search for "keywords for the video"

As we know in the SEO keyword target is that we are issued in the search engines and is the same thing that we will do in YouTube
Your goal is to find the keywords that have YouTube on the first page of Google results.

These are called "key words for the video."

Unlike ordinary Alcirb the first 10 results led by a Google search, SERP If the Tag concerning the video, the video appears in Google search results Introduction
Do not understand what I mean Saric example on the move
Go to the Google search engine and type: "How do I know he loves me."
And this picture show you the first 10 results in Google and including the first score of the YouTube

How to be the first in YouTube 

In general, Google tends to keep such types of keywords for YouTube:

How: an example of "how to sing, how to drink milk ..."
An example: "Fashion Show"
Tutorials Example: "studied Arabic first grade."
Fitness or anything of relevance to sports Example: "judo in Algeria"
Funny Videos Example: "funny cat"

Why is this important

The answer is that you always play to lift and improve video words unrelated to the outcome of search for videos in the Google search engine
I will simplistic to you, you are working on any words if Best them in Google does not find any result of any video
And this will come only visitors from the search engine YouTube
But if I was interested in words semantic video issued in the Google search engine will ensure High Traffic for your blog and downright profit from your videos

How do you find words for the video tag

The easiest way to find the words to tag Fido is a search for words in your industry and your specialty in other words choose suitable Nitsch

Then see if any of the key words you searched has video results in Google, like this

For example, if the Violate centered on making pizza and Nitsch is good
We are writing in the Google search engine: "How Pizza Hut made"

How to be the first in YouTube 

It's easy does not it?

When they found a video that will use the word, it's time to see if the rate of research on that word or not enough
Suffice it to find that the target word comes with 500 monthly in Google Search
Search to find the monthly target for the tag Please use google keyword
It is a free program

 How to be the first in YouTube 

In the previous picture I look for: "How Pizza sauce" As you see, the monthly research is 4400, and competition is very weak

I will now search for the keyword for the video using the 'search techniques for the word' and look for

How to profit from YouTube in Google and this is the result

How to be the first in YouTube 

Certainly, that this word beyond the 500 Show a month if we can work them very easily

How to be the first in YouTube 

Second Step 2: Create innovative videos

This is the most important step because the video, which will be commissioned is the one who determines that you can access it to the top of the search results or not
Do you have a camera or a mobile phone or Tablet by the camera if you can do amazing videos and without costs
Did you know that there are those who bring thousands of dollars a month from Google AdSense via YouTube Partner and that the videos do not exceed 5 minutes to one
Look for something sexy and shoot the first video you do not Tnzerna to tell you what Stsourh Use your imagination
And here it is another, if I can explain the program or action video tutorial then you can draw upon that program camtasia studio and a program to record your desktop and you can also speak in Atina desktop to your device imaging

The third step 3: configuration for External Video

Foreign configuration of the video many important and is one of the basic criteria to be issued in YouTube search results and therefore divided into foreign Valthaih

1) Allbecklenk backlink
Perhaps one of the many things and the most important issue of the search results either in Jouhl or YouTube are frequent Allbecklenk referred him to those sites and videos
But Google has become the laws are very strict in the use of this technique in abundance
So when thinking about building Allbecklenk should be used with caution, and the first thing to be done is to send a video link to google for the Barcevth
From here url google

The second stage is the action Ping link to video of Arcevth to speed up the Google ping url from here and from here also ping me
And from here: auto ping

In the third stage Share video link in the largest number of forums and then moved to Albuqmark sites

2) Comments
If viewers pin, it indicates that the admiration she created a video and here you are in at the beginning of the way to first place in YouTube

3) subscribe to the channel
At the beginning and end of the video you should Tan viewer to subscribe to your channel, it gives you a boost to the front...

4) participated in social video sites
When someone in your videos with the participation of social networking sites, it would be interesting video search engine and accelerates in the issued search results

5) Favorites
They are considered the best among the three accepted by the more to place a large number of viewers in the videos Mvdilthm Vsicom put YouTube videos among the best videos and watch the video abound significantly

Mark your videos long any more than 6 minutes because most of the frontrunners videos of search results can be found greater than 6 minutes

The fourth step 4: the internal configuration of the video

And this is the step of Balseo internal video are important and often
Naming video Remember the word before submitting it
When you have finished shooting video you Ejb video label, and you must be careful at this point, you should rename the video with the introduction of the word you want issued in this label
See this example

If you talk about weight loss in the English language and want to issue a word: weight loss, for example, we write the name of the video weight loss tips
And keep it in your computer

Video Title

Your video title must be at least 5 words long. In this way, you can call your own full included
 without keyword only

For example, I want to issue a word Pizza Hut, headline is as follows: how taboo Pizza Hut Italian

So I include the keyword between 5 words

Prefer this simple secret in the world of the Sioux, as I told you earlier must be the keyword between words and that you want to include the title of a strong and good SEO keyword should be put at the forefront of the title to read:

Pizza Hut Italian and how to prepare

Video Description

Your video description is very important.
Google and YouTube can not "listen" to the videos, and they depend on your description text to determine your video content.
These are the basic principles of the work of video description: Development of a blog link at the beginning of Description (This increases the CTR for your blog) Include your keyword in the first 25 word
Mark Description of at least 250 words,
Repeat 3-4 times a keyword

Tagged for video

Tags for many is not important, but must be placed
Just put between 10 to 15 tag related to your keyword
The importance Tagged or the crown was Tags for your videos similar to the other videos YouTube videos put the tape on the right of the site which puts your videos in a related area videos :)

Fifth Step 5: Add your videos to sites Q & A

The sites Q & A
Are the questions and answers of the most important sites and site QUORA
And followed by Google Answers site and then Yahoo Answers site and other sites like these sites

The way sixth 6: Include an article and video in addition to the forums

Write an article of 400 words be in the same content and video that you want to top the search results by the end of the article and in the title or video and can also Taatda in the center
So you and you include the video in the article in the forums

At last I hope you have enjoyed the subject and I am waiting for your questions.

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