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make money on youtube

We continue our journey to identify ways to make money from the Internet that know they are among the most things in search of the Internet
But you have to learn darling that the key to success in your hand you and all you have to do is patience. It is important to explain today (video at the bottom as usual) you will learn how to make money from YouTube and the major steps that you applied.

make money on youtube 

Videos You have the right to publish:

The first thing you should know that it is not any video you can publish YouTube strict regarding this matter so you'll first thing to look for videos allows you to producers published and is easy to process and you can get those videos from YouTube itself through filters Find, Watch the video to find out more on the way.

Create a channel on YouTube:

ok, was finished collecting videos and got to know how to retrieve now tiger to the second phase and is create a channel on YouTube ... Once you have created an account on Gmail will enable you google automatically from the channel on youtube so in the case were not already own channel all you have to do Gmail  

Activating the YouTube Partner:

YouTube Partner became available to everyone now

- What is the YouTube Partner?

 service provided by the famous Youtube site allows you many additional features to take advantage of your channel Channel on the site as a possibility invested physically linking your account with Adsense after you enable your video clips of ads, such as raising or video clips with extended exceeded 15 minutes.

the video :make money on youtube 

I hope that explain how to make money from YouTube like any queries do not hesitate to ask.

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