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The best alternative to Google Adsense to profit from your site

What is the best alternative for the company Google Adsense?                                                               This is the question that comes to the mind of anyone who owns and has a good site Traffic, and wants to use this Bandwidth greater exploitation, and wants the price of high pressure.

After a long research carried out by several people on-month profit companies that provide service in exchange for clicking, Touselo to amazing results, we will find an answer to the question what is the best alternative to Google Adsense? Let's start with the debate, even if you have another opinion. I hope you share it with us.

When looking at Google for the best alternative for the company Google Adsense, you'll find a lot of articles that talk about this, and you'll find initially company Chitika.

Chitika is an American company founded in 2003, and began working in the field of advertising in 2004, after several successes did a great union between Chitica and Yahoo.

Important: We see these results after placing advertisements for several companies and we see the results "of ads the same measurement, and in the same location."

This picture shows the announcement of Chitika company profits.

We will see four days of gains, and note the number of little clicks, which reached 383 pressure for the emergence of more than 58 thousand, how much profit? In four days, approximately 400 pressure, the profit was $ 2, by a few CTR and average price of $ 0.005 pressure. Chitika unattractive and the proportion of clickable ads weak, but we see the rest of the results.

Adcash company

Estonia is the company, founded in 2007, it has spread dramatically, and became AD in 2014 to more than a hundred thousand sites, advertisements and hundreds of millions a day. After the experience Adcash ads in the same place and the same location showed the following results:

Note the number of appearing more than 12 thousand, and the number of pressure 346, and the good CTR rate of 2.85%, but profit 0.02 euros, so bad is indescribable. Try dividing 0.19 / 346 on the calculator, the result will not appear understandable.

Hassob company

Is the only Arab company, the most famous ad network in the Arab world, it has a good number of subscribers and you her experience myself CPM and, unfortunately, the results were more than disappointing.

Note the total profit 0.06 euros just for the emergence of more than a thousand to three units a distinctive advertising in places, from the appearance there in 1039 only 5 clicks, CTR at a rate of less than half a percent (0.48%). If we made a simple calculation, and funny, you will find that you will achieve the first 16 666 euros to you after the appearance, which must be obtained almost 85 Click to get 1 euro.

Google Adsense

It is well known, and we enter their world directly, and see the results after the shocking announcement put in the same place and get the same impressions and CTR.

Note that very few CTR does not exceed 1%, but 153 pressure achieved approximately 20 euros, and the average price-per-click Senlakhz 0.1, knowing that a few percentage of CTR, the price pressure is 0.1 weakest in Adsense.


Bottom line: we answer the important question which is: "What is the best alternative to Google Adsense?" The answer is: there is no alternative to Adsense, Adsense is considered the best at all, not a rival, and there is no company that provides this service better than Adsense, so do not get tired and strain yourself in the search for the best alternative, because if there is a better alternative to make sure that all sites will use

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