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Types of companies profit from the Internet

Types of companies profit from the Internet

We went back new subjects with high quality to our lovers and visitors in our theme this will explain and demonstrate the types of companies profit from the net any Internet. As well as some of the companies mentioned as an example and a reference to work out each according to his specialty.

Important in the general division of the types of profit from the Internet, we find:

Profit from corporate profitability
Profit upload files
Profit from Google AdSense
Profit from sales commission

Will explain to each section and level.

Profit from corporate profitability:

Is a free companies and is considered the easiest of all profit ways of the Internet, it pays money to you in return that you click on the ads on them and see them for a certain period so computed you click takes the profit is considered weak cents-per-view but by novice level is the beginning of the journey. But is not the goal of these companies should see a Plan of ads are ambitious to call friends to participate in the site and win you paid call this so-called Alriveral. A simple calculation

Company offers 5 ads per day at a price of 1 cent of the announcement and the vision you becomes your winnings you from advertising 5 cents a day

Suppose you invited 100 people to watch ads a day and with the same profit of 5 cents per person becomes a total profit of 100 people daily to $ 5
Becomes a total daily profit = profit from ads + profit of Alriveral ads
If your winnings daily = $ 0.05 + 5.05 = US $ 5 dollars a day
Monthly winnings of $ = 5.05 * 30 days = 151.5 dollars a month from one company
If we worked with five good companies becomes gross profit of $ 151.5 = * = 5 companies of $ 757.5
What if you are diligent people, and I was able to invite 1,000 people or 2,000 people or 5,000 people.

Credible Companies:






Profit upload files:

Sites are simply allowing them to raise your files and share them at the party and removed from the visitors of your special link you earn a commission.

These sites pay money for every 1000 download these files, but originally paid you money because you have made a thousand people who visit the site to download the software, which you submitted, this is the general idea of the topic.

Lifting many profitability most important sites:



www.uploading .com

But this is not the only way to profit from these sites. Forgot Alriveral These sites give you a percentage of what Cirbha like other people who sign up from your link

Featured in this issue that the profit is not fixed Whenever worked hard, he gained more and more Ca published your links in the right place, I gained more.

Thread is divided into two parts so as not to dwell upon you to meet in the sequel Thread participated in our theme through the development of inquiries and sequel after his participation in 200 post Facebook Be supportive of us find support you. may you stay in God

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