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Why Adsense refuses to my site? Causes and Solutions

Why Adsense refuses to my website

This question is given on a daily basis by everyone, why it was rejected socialist in Google Adsense although beautiful and integrated my blog

May I see you and I that beautiful and wonderful forums contain topics useful, but Adsense may be his opinion contrary to your opinion, Vossens not Superautomatic engine works through the conditions, on the contrary, there are staff who assess to your site and references to him, and through them the approval or rejection, so we'll talk today announced the acceptance of the terms of your site in the Adsense and some solutions to address the problem of rejection Adsense to your site.

Google Adsense Terms "rejection factors"

I will present to you the entry requirements in Adsense, and in the case of non-compliance with the conditions, will become agents to reject your site, please abide by in order to avoid rejection of your request:

-Personal Information: When you fill out your data in your application in Adsense, make sure all the information you provide, which must be all true and correct, such as "Title" must be in English and flour contains the word Street or short St and the beginning of the names must to be in big letters.

-zip: most of us entered the randomly, and this is the most important reasons for rejecting Adsense to your site, not to your address agree that sent with zip, so you know your zip code accurately through a distinguished office in your area.

-rich content: Adsense does not accept the site contains several pages "2-3", and does not accept sites with weak content, as an article in several lines and the picture, so the solution here writing a large and rich articles attached images associated with the articles, and work on your blog for the benefit of the visitor and lured and not for profit.

-design compatible: When the employee in Adsense open your site for review, the first thing he will see is the design, if found full of design color and squares pop, frequent side squares, and slow download speeds, will reject your site directly, so we choose quiet colors of the eye, simple design and fast

-specialty Location: I advise you to stay away from gaming sites and chat rooms are free and pirated software and dredgers to load non-free Games, because they Studi Apply in Adsense to rejection is certain, so be sure to choose the codification unique your experience, close to the hobby or field of study, because the profit from Adsense is profit from blogging.

-not to approach property rights: for photos and videos, because it would be such as pirated software non-free Games, so brief, I advise you to design your photos on your own, the matter is difficult, simply and you can work the painter programs in the event were not you have experience in Photoshop.

Adsense-only media network: Adsense rejects the existence of other advertising company at the site, and my personal opinion, there is no alternative to Adsense in the world or the best ones-profit company, and I advise you the following article which will prove that you read, the best alternative to Google Adsense

age: It must be the real age greater than 18 years, and be sure through your Google Plus.

-presence mission pages: must reside in a header task pages: About us - Archive - Contact us, and each page must contain the complete information about your site.

All conditions apply however refused my request in Adsense

When you apply all the previous conditions of acceptance will come from Adsense by a large 90%, but to assume that the answer was a rejection of what the solution ?, to watch the following solutions: First Solution: read the rejection message you have received from Adsense, and find out the reasons for rejection and treatment, and then resend the request of new. The second solution: This solution favored by all Adsense experts and has experience in this field, which refill the new data, the former leaving such as email, to determine your location more precisely, and building a new code, and if also you can amendment your name please do, such as Ahmad Set ahmed and so on.

I hope that the article be adequate and comprehensive for all aspects, and in the event of a shortage or wrong what I hope the discussion through the responses, and I wish everyone the best.

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