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Comment obtenez-vous un grand trafic ne Sans SEO

Some find it difficult to use search engine optimization techniques "SEO" to improve their positions and access to the first results in some time, or that some people do not like the long wait, patience, and wants quick results.

So today I will talk about how to get targeted visitors interested in your site and including the competence of the offer, but I will put before beginning an important question: If there is an alternative to SEO Why bother ourselves and we are improving our sites?

 Quite simply there are people who have the patience and the difficulty of waiting to get to the good results in the search engine after several months of work on the content and building strong links and On-page and Off-page and site preparation for mobile and Wu, but in case you do I come deployment and use of the ways in which we'll talk them, there will be Traffic will be their semi-dependent, but in the case of the use of the Sioux whatever left the site a week or two and will find your site active and visitors from the search engine are firm on a daily basis, someone who takes a rest after a great effort.

We all read about the importance of bringing in Alsocheal Media Traffic, as it has become an important factor of SEO factors, but you when I publish my pages in Alsocheal I get visitors and targeted? Of course not, so I will talk in this article on the strategies we will follow them to reach the largest segment of interested customers, using:


The most important site or platform for a large Traffic, and the way to get Traffic from Facebook easy, and you'll get them on a large Traffic simple effort, through:

Put complete information about your site or your company in your page feel the customer or visitor that he was dealing with a reliable institution, such as a site logo and Kafr designed professionally summarizes the jurisdiction of your site, contact information, and a link page should be the name of your site, the simple explanation of the content of your site in the box Description "ABOUT 

The exploitation of active hashtags that are related to the specialization of your site, such as Hashtag world events of interest coverage and hashtag most Tula, when Your business this method, you'll get a very large and very views and followers and visitors will be interested in your site in the future and this is an example of the publication you exploit Hashtag active and got him on the 2340 Show on page Fans which does not exceed 450.

Dissemination of publications of large pages, which owns more than 100 thousand followers on behalf of your page, the picture observed in the highest I've Post to publish the official page for Real Madrid and put hashtag active. The use of high-resolution images, and the dissemination of videos with high accuracy, to remain handsome and elegant in the eyes of your followers. Be the race when transferring information, event, or news that you write about and coverage. Post your followers quickly and talk to them like you know them for years. Publishing in group"Groups" by and large the same specialty your site.

Twitter Twitter

You experience all social networking platforms, but my favorite "me" is Twitter, because I find the amount of the largest and remittances from the interaction of the site more, especially after you build a large base, so that the interaction of Twitter users than dramatically Facebook users interaction, and you'll find Retweet many comments from the beginning unlike Facebook , and these are some important tips: Do not think that Twitter place to write only a small text, quite the opposite visual attract the attention of observers significantly, "especially high-resolution images", and studies indicate that Tweet with a picture of the interaction with the weakness Tweet without a picture.

Writing Tweets make visitor does not understand what's in the link, in the case of understanding what is inside the link, why will Login him?

Tweet not repeat more than once, with the same link, because that supervisor will feel frustrated, and you are free of renewal and would repeat what he has done for several minutes.

Other strategies are the same in the Supreme own facebook"Use hashtag - a description and information - Be a race - to respond to followers."

Note the picture on the top, one of my sites an example of the difference between the publication of an ordinary subject in Twitter got 900 Show only "notice date" there are 22 days between the first and the third subject and nevertheless got 2149 Show in just hours, how? I exploit Hashtag and grandmother climb to first place in the Trends, published an influential Tweets about the event, been forced followers to pressure on the following link.

Mark-3 Forums

I hope everyone understand this step in order not to turn into spamming and be penalized, not the goal of the publication is to get backlinks, but to get Traffic targeted to your site, so the topic that will be written will not scream your site but lured visitors to you and search you for you, and we will use large Forums in the same field of specialization your site, and since you are an expert in your specialty then you certainly know the big forums in your field, and do the following:

Writing the subject of the content unique and good aim to deliver rich information to the reader enjoys when read, contains images include your logo. About the medium writing about your site in your signature with Lugo put your site in the signature. Membership must be either your name or the name of your site. Respond to queries from members of your subject and the rest of a thematic section.

I post a topic in the Trident just, got 169 of them on the visit of only one forum.

4-References BookMark

Natural publication in the references is not contrary to the laws of Google, especially when publishing in the largest references and most confident at Google, and the shortcut you put the top 25 reference in the world to register it and publish your pages with ease, and get visitors targeted, in the following article

I think that the most important sites that you can bring a large Traffic them, and that there are other sites such as Linkedin and Pinterest, you can use the same strategies with any previous social networking platform, and if you know other ways I hope you let us know.

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