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Créer un site et de profiter de Adsense est rapide et facile sans la nécessité pour les moteurs de recherche SEO

Of course no one can deny that the Sioux considered among one of the important pillars on which the basis of any site or Blog, where if you want that you create a real site continue its presence on the Internet for life and win money from him permanently, it must create a site or a blog where all the basics of the Sioux sensitive archive location and keywords and other objects related to Balseo and search engines, and you can see all the threads through their own Zguet here.

But on the other side there is a quick way to profit from websites and blogs manner that does not need to rely on SEO and search engines, as there are multiple types of sites and blogs that rely on this technique or strategy that we will share with you today is a strategy very easy yet you need to effort and also to the top of a small money, or you can configure a team with your friends and work this strategy, which will be a profit of them through Google Adsense ads.

There are various types of websites and blogs as there are sites and blogs take care of a particular field such as sports, technical or health and others, and there on the other side sites and blogs take care of the hot news and topics popular and common at the moment and this is what concerns us in this Subject .

There are many websites and blogs the news that has been established since a short period only and are achieved earnings are very good from the ads Google Adsense although it is archived in the search professionally engines as it does not depend on bringing visitors from search engines and it relies on bringing visitors from social networking sites and in particular Facebook and Twitter.

If what is the strategy that are hidden from you and adopted by these sites will recognize this is what it is now:

1 - Create a blog or Arabic news site or a foreigner does not matter, it is important that you create a site in which Tjidha so you can write your own news and stay informed of the latest developments.
2 - After you create the site or blog it is important that you buy a domain driven professionally It is also important that your site is available on the appropriate template and as a news site, the template should be news.
3 - Add the sections of the site such as: (economy, culture, celebrities, and other events ..) and add the hot news stories (there are a lot of news you can search for them on your own and discovered important topic to write your own way).

4 - it is not a requirement that the subject contains many words enough to be news and a clear and detailed images or video supported, and the important thing is to focus on writing catchy title.

5 - after the addition of topics, create a page in the name of your site on Twitter and on Facebook, then start the deployment of threads link your Facebook and Twitter and your advertising campaigns driven by the Arabs or foreigners targeted by qualitative language of your site.

6 - Your task now is to add ads Google Adsense to the site, and then every day you start writing the new news with a focus on topics attractive and News attractive then posted on your page in Facebook and Twitter while continuing advertising campaigns paid to get a good number of followers, It is necessary to put news and topics on a permanent basis so as to maintain the interaction of the users in your pages.

7 - after gathering a good number of followers and interacting, all you have to do is to continue to develop themes and this has become a site you have a source of income and profit from Adsense in an easy way and without SEO and only relying on social networking 

Now I'll tell you where the secret lies here, users of social networking sites tend largely to post news content or themes exotic and unfamiliar to their accounts in social networking sites making news sites get a large number of visitors, where studies that a higher proportion of subjects confirmed which is shared on the social networking sites and popular among users is received news stories, that's the news sites most of which depends mainly on the social networking Facebook sites and Twitter and has become the equation as follows: news site + Facebook Page + Page Twitter = + profit .

This was the entry and one of the ways that you can profit from and there are many other ways in which we will share with you in the blog posts and threads to come, God willing, and if you have any queries then-cum-down entry in the comments 

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