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Faits que vous devez savoir sur l'investissement dans le site eToro

Site Etoro is considered among the most popular investment sites and speculative shares in the stock market, whether working on the Stock or the Forex, and to clarify the stock is trading through the sale and purchase of shares of companies such as buying shares in Facebook or Microsoft or any company of any kind and the area of interest, but for Forex it is known is where includes speculation in the shares of the currency and oil, minerals, etc., and is characterized by forex being a fast profit area and is also quick loss, as for the stock it is fairly slow and arrow in your possession may remain for weeks or months until you can sell it and profit from it

Featured in the site Etoro stock trading is provided on the feature copies traders, where you allow site Etoro copy any trader in the amount starts from US $ 100, meaning that when you copy a anything he does in his account is automatically in your account too, and that means that when you are also buying shares automatically purchased and also the case for the sale.

.Copies traders that are available to Etoro site feature has made many of the novices who want a quick profit from the Internet are rushing to register on the site and charge their accounts and copies quickly resulting in that most of the people surprised that they did not find what they were expecting from the profits and all thatThey got it is only just additional cents or loss for their money.

Some believe that the Etoro site as a magical location that will change his life and make him win the money of a button by copying other well-known traders, but overlooked by most of the novices in the field that these famous or professional on site eToro speculating in the stock large amounts of money starting from $ 1,000 and above, and additional If you copy these $ 100 you will not notice any difference in the profits and all you'll get is a dime in this case if profit rolling and did not lose anything.
This does not mean that you must copy the traders large amounts of money in order to notice a difference in profits because you have done it all your money may lose often unless good fortune and there was no loss, that's what you should know about eToro it is not a magical location can change your life and that the copy feature may be one reason for the loss of your money because you will not guarantee that the rolling that you copied win as he is doing.
Most people who claim to register at the site of eToro to copy quickly and traders are people who want to take advantage of you through your registration on their way to the site, for this, let me give you a few tips in order not to lose your money because of trading in the site Etoro:
1 - If your capital about 100 or only $ 200 and that's all I owned not logged in to the world of Forex because you might lose and this is very likely you will find yourself without any fils, for this the right time for trading in the forex and stock market in general is when you have a large capital or income Qar then you can allocate a portion of it and trading experience in site Etoro and even if I lose then it will not affect the financial situation.
2 - Do not rely mainly on copies traders even read the books Forex and follow the news and see the latest developments in the stock market and do not start in the field of the stock only after you read it well and know about it at least 80 percent of the information that you should know.
3 - Do not rush and do not do anything the others are viewing you like trading in a particular stock or so, but always Depend on yourself and get your analysis and your own personal vision.
4 - If you suffer from a particular disease, whether physical or psychological, or if you are strained quickly or Tantabk panic or problems at breathing level, or even can not easily focus not advise you to enter the world of forex and trading in the stock, because it is full of tense world where that Your mind still works constantly and always think of profit and loss and this may increase your condition worse and because the decision one and the second one in the world of forex is a very big difference and that each can tip the scales.

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