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How SEO YouTube video ascend the first results in Google?

There is no doubt that any person who wishes to be own videos at the forefront of the search results, whether Google search results or YouTube search results, because he certainly when the video at the forefront of the results it will get a very large number of observations can not imagine.

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We will explain in this issue how to climb into the video to advanced results in the different search engines, and how to create video internally and externally even to receive a large number of hits, and thus the collection of good earnings from YouTube, or even marketing for your products and profit commission.

At the beginning and before we get into the video create internally and externally for the search engines, we'll talk about a number of factors can affect the order of your video:

Video content

If you want to climb your video to the first results in Google, you must be a unique video content of its kind, that is, it is transmitted from another video on YouTube, because it is impossible to go up above the original video, and this thing is obvious, robotics YouTube specify that all ease and pretending to be clever it can not at this point.

the timing

If they compete in the large market of competitors, the timing of the video raise is very important, for example, competition in the field of football goals and there was a match between Real and Barcelona, it is very important that in order to be number one in the search results to be fast in the video raise , until it gets as much as possible of clicks in the results, because of clicks in the search engines have a very important factor in the order of videos in YouTube or Google engine.

So that if your video got many keystrokes in the first coming on, it certainly escalate to other results, it advised the owners of the channels of this kind of competition as quickly and sleight of hand in raising videos.

The first three hours

some channels Very special strategy uses They get a large amount of views at the beginning of the video appearance, this happens either purchased Views, or even if he has a Facebook page large, it gets a large number of observations at the beginning and this gives a strong boost video in the search engines, but the next factor strongest factor at all from my point of view.

View percentage

It is the most important factor underlying YouTube in the order of results in the search engine, and do not mean here Views, but we mean viewership, or time spent visiting to watch the video. If the visitor enters to your video, and watch to finish it well, and the most important is the interaction with the video, whether positively or negatively, all this gives confidence to Google and YouTube that this video is really worth that exists in advanced results.

Imagine that visitor entered the video, and began of seconds counter, then came out of the page after three seconds, and this means the video spam or deceptive, and this affects the video results are very negative, Vantabaa Google and YouTube about these videos is that it must received in the trash basket and not be placed in the search results.

Now we come to the part most important and is a video creating search engines or what is known as SEO YouTube, this process is done in two steps the first step video create internally and this step is mandatory, and the second step and is externally video and this step is important to create if you care to appear in the Introduction Results .

Create video internally

Create video internally in YouTube is not the difficulty of the sites, you do not deal with the codes or any Java programming codes, and this step take place in four stages, it may seem easy for some, but many of the owners of the channels overlooked importance in SEO YouTube.

1. The title of the video

Is the most important episode, you should care who have special video title dramatically, and attractive to the viewer, and it's important to put yourself in the place of what the viewer will press on your score you instead of the other results? , Moved away from the witness Haifa scandal that rocked the world, no longer comes with good results now.
2. Description

Type a description transit and strong for your video, and especially in the first twenty word, and moved away from the fillers, in the previous filler words he could climb your video to advanced results, now fillers can lead to suspension of the channel, so that it can not open channel your own again, and this is the toughest punishment can get from YouTube in 2015.

3. Keywords

Keywords an important factor of the video arranging factors, type keywords that you want, but here's a very distinctive way,,,

Suppose you want to upload a video to explain the program photoshop, certainly went too dozens of videos that explain the program, look on YouTube for the top videos got views on this subject, and then copy the keywords and put it in your video.

Copies way Keywords

Go to the video page you want to copy his key, right click and then View Page Source, will open with you another page press of the keyboard on the Ctrl + F, and then type in the search box Keywords, then press Enter, the floor has been shadowed, then we will find the words key front of you, can now be copying with ease, this step is effective because the video got all these observations as a result of the power of keywords used by, and now can be used by you as well ..

4. thumbnail
It is not a factor arrangement, but if focused on the beginning of the topic we have said that clicks on the video an important factor in the standings, and to assume that the three channels has raised three videos Title similar and description almost symmetric, what will make the visitor pressure on your result? , The answer is: the thumbnail.
Try to put high-quality and a clear picture, and of course preferably be from within the video itself, this makes the visitor gain confidence in your video dramatically.

Create video externally
Most of the owners of the channels can be said that if not all of them do not focus on video to create externally and only focuses on the internal configuration of the video, but in order distinct from everyone, you must work on the video externally initialized, because it is a factor arrangement also and not less important than internal configuration.

This is done by several steps, and are many, but we will focus on the most important:

The first step: the deployment of video on Alsocheal Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, the top three social networks can get on the Pak-Link Free and influential, be sure to publish your video in the three networks, even with the lack of audience, the video publishing only and its presence on the Social media sites, is Socialtext Signals task, certainly if you have the audience in these networks it better.

Step Two: Publish Video Forums

Also be sure to publish your video in forums related to the content of your site, and preferably forums with large Google with confidence, can be defined by measuring the beige Othorty from here, place a Link Forum and press Enter, and choose forums that have a Beige Athurty high, so you get buck Link forces can help you to export the results, and even
 if your link Nu Flo.

The third step: the deployment of video in your reliable

Did you know that you can have the site You are also reliable and strong, you could get him to Robt Duflo strong and effective, and make you issued the search results easier than ever before.
Using this site, this strategy is called strategy Domains ending, where can you get a Big Authority domain and domain Authority high, in addition to a large number of All Back Link site with ease and without any effort.

Measuring beige Athurta Authority domain of this site,,
After you find the proper range, I buy it from Jodadi at a price not to exceed $ 2, then start steps mounted on free hosting Keylogger for example, and then start to publish your videos on this site links to de Flo.

This method is considered the most powerful way at all can be found for the issue Google search results and YouTube.

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