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Hello to all my dear friends,

After much look forward to readers, he has launched a book to help you learn to make money with
YouTube from the basics to advanced. I am sure with you that after the application of the knowledge that I share
In this book, you will be confident with incomes $ 2,000 / month, and also further increase

Among the ways to make money online today, then YouTube is a place for bloggers / webmasters to use
And most effective way to make money, this is one of the areas most attention in 2015 after the outbreak of the time
General joined 2014. There were thousands of people for thousands of $$$ video of them, and
You can create an account and start your first dollar online.

Will you learn from this lesson?

Very, very, and I confidently tell you that you love. I was constantly getting basic questions about Mark
Money YouTube such as "How can I withdraw money from YouTube?", "How to create a video yet?", "How
To withdraw money from YouTube like? "... Blah ... .blah ... all these questions have pushed me to
The completion of this book early to be sent to loyal readers.
Learn in a book to make money from YouTube, you have to start from the basic knowledge is very
Essential for all those who want to make money, and build a large channel on YouTube. From

Knowledge, terminology and deal with that I will share in this book, with practical experience when I
Make money online with YouTube!
Disclaimer: This report does not provide any assurances or guarantees, express or implied, with respect to the results provided by
Strategies and techniques, and advice contained in this report. Publishers of this report explicitly any
Liability arising out of any strategies and techniques, and advice contained in this report. The purpose of this consumer
The report is to educate and guide. No book publishers do not warrant that the information contained
In this report, the consumer free of omissions or errors and is completely full. Moreover, it is not the publisher
The author does not have responsibility or liability for any entity or person as a result of any alleged damage or loss
To be caused by or caused directly or indirectly by this report.


Section 1: the richest YouTube Stars and success stories

YouTube videos can be configured for large companies senior independent content creators. This is the YouTube stars
Who have huge fan bases online - despite the fact that most people have never heard of them.
We selected 20 of the biggest stars, who can all be earning more than $ 1 million annually in advertising
Revenues - in some cases much more.
And it provided a range of earnings estimates for each channel by YouTube analytics company
SocialBlade. Estimates placed within the upper and lower limits, on the basis of their views daily multiplied
Declaration by the low cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) 0,60 $ rate and high rate of $ 5. the range
A broad interpretation of the differences in the type of advertising (including types of banner ads and pre-roll) and
Brand value. These estimates also assume that each video is Monetized, which is not always the case.
Even after subtracting Google cut 45%, these stars have got it made YouTube.
20. EvanTubeHD

$134,000-$1.32 million estimated yearly income after YouTube's 45% cut. 476,000 total subscribers. 443 million total views . Evan is the 7-year-old face of EvanTubeHD, a family-friendly YouTube channel where Evan (and occasionally his sister or mom) reviews toys and video games. What started as a father-son bonding 

proyecto - Evan y su papá harían Angry Birds stop-motion vídeos para la diversión - una bola de nieve ha en
estado casi celebridad para Evan. De acuerdo a una entrevista de Newsweek con Jared, el padre de Evan, todo el
producto de la canal, para los que tienen actualmente un equipo ad-venta dedicado, entra en
inversión y cuentas de ahorro para sus hijos.
19. TheRadBrad

$137,000-$1.38 million estimated yearly income after YouTube's 45% cut. 2.32 million total subscribers. 756 million total views. Bradley "The Rad Brad" Colburn is a sensation in the gaming world, for his detailed and humorous video game "walkthroughs" (in which he explains how to play and beat a game). He is known for his profane and hilarious outbursts, sometimes even breaking chairs when he can't beat a level in a game. Colburn got his start through the popular gaming website Machinima, which specializes in creating animated videos using video games. Colburn began making the "walkthroughs" while finishing college and working a part-time job at Best Buy. When he graduated, he decided to give YouTubing full-time a try. In the past nine months, Colburn has jumped from 700K subscribers to 2.32M and counting.

Section 2 : What is YouTube? Why should
you make money on Youtube?

What is Youtube?

YouTube creation in mid-February 2005 by three former employees of PayPal, owned and YouTube

Managed by Google. Can confirm that YouTube is the largest video sharing social networks, it allows
Participants to view and download, comment and share video content on the Internet completely free. With
Millions of visitors per day, advertising services associated with growth (Google Adsense).

You can make money on YouTube also it means to become a partner YouTube
YouTube Partner Program In addition, you can also make money with your videos
Without the need to become a partner

How to start making money on YouTube?

You need a computer with an Internet connection (required)

 The computer must have external speakers or headphones for audio monitoring from video required

Why should you make money on Youtube?

 YouTube is the largest video-sharing network in the world, is a product of Google.
 This is one way to make money online effectiveness and credibility.
 easy to build a passive income even while you sleep.
 easy to make money, and anyone can do without the good in the field of information technology.
 Registration is simple and easy to pull.
 promote personal brand.
 only for the money, learning, and fun, and enriching themselves

Section 3 : Four simple steps to make money on Youtube

Many people want to know how to make money on YouTube videos. This is not surprising because
YouTube is known and used in many households across the civilized world. Is in fact the third
Most commonly used search engines in the world. Video is loaded enough every three minutes to play non-stop
For more than a week. And then watched this video in 39 countries in 54 languages. There are
Different ways to make money with YouTube videos. This article is about one of the easiest ways for

Generate money with YouTube, this is by joining the YouTube Partner Program.
Was created YouTube Partner Program in 2007 to join this program is super easy and once set
So it does not require any extra effort on your part. In fact hundreds of YouTube partners earn
More than six figures in income annually. But in spite of this amount of income it is obviously possible
By some, most people are very happy to earn much less. And not for what they want? Money
There to make and can get very little effort.
So what is involved in making money this way?
Join the YouTube Partner Program
This is a simple step by step procedure to start income ladder YouTube:

first step

Open YouTube account.
If you were not sure how to do this, just open your web browser, and type or copy "How to Open
YouTube account "
Click on one of the links that open and follow the instructions. Once your completed
Details and create a Gmail account (for receiving and sending e-mail messages) will be directed on your own
YouTube channel.

The second step

Download the video to your new YouTube.
Video does not have to be of high artistic quality.
Download the video that you have


Download the video that you have recorded on the phone, camera or even on your camera completely
Good enough.
The most important thing is that the video is interesting, entertaining or informative so that people
You want to watch.
You also need to make sure you have all the necessary visual and audio commercial rights
Elements of the video.
The main problem when a person includes a pop song in their own video, for example. And Pop
The song is copyrighted. Or there could be a song playing on the radio or TV when it is recorded on videotape,
For example. Just make sure that does not register all that is copyright, and will be ok.
If you prefer, YouTube has a wide range of music that is free to use Lobel is a simple thing for
To change the sound on the video after downloading it and before it is published and made
Obviously, if your video includes someone who speaks that you will not want to change the sound. But if
Background music is a part of your recording, then you can easily use the YouTube selection

The third step

Publish your video.
When you load a video on YouTube The default setting is to make it "public". This means that
And the public will be able to view it.
If you prefer, you can change this setting to a particular year or is not listed, but since you want people to
Show your video so that you can click on your advertisement, you would prefer to leave it at the default public
Finally, you can take:

Step Four

Join the YouTube Partner Program

In order to join the program you need to have a video and at least one approval to liquidate, and so on,
Provide video of acceptable then everything should go easily.

Just go to the channel settings on your YouTube channel, open the door minting and application
Programme partners.


Finally, to make sure you are the one who gets the money from the "clicks" on your video, you
You need to open your Google AdSense account.
To do this, simply copy or paste the following into your web browser "how to open a Google AdSense
Account "or see Section 4, follow the links that come and get your AdSense account.
After that, enjoy the video making and begin to record and upload your own videos as you'd like.
And your videos to be there, on the Internet, for people to watch and click on the ads, and little by little,
And your income will begin to build.
Even if you are still wondering how to make money on YouTube videos, just follow the procedure
Mentioned above and begin to enjoy yourself while building income. 

Section 4: Guidelines for Applicants
My partner and turn to make money
With Google Adsense

To make money with YouTube, and must be a partner YouTube also known as YouTube partners, a
Cooperation between YouTube and you to display the Google Adsense ads on videos that you can download.
The amount that gets advertisers, will pay us and of course they will charge for just a simple
YouTube advertising network intermediate connecting you to individuals and companies wishing to

Recording YouTube Partner

To record YouTube partner, you need a Gmail account and recording on YouTube, and now I will guide you to
Install, customize and make money to run the video.

Turn to earn money to get video

Earn money for the operation of the video, there are two ways, or to participate in the
 Google Adsense and join the
Network, but in this book will guide you to participate in the Google Adsense, in turn, make money and
He received the money. In Vietnam, as well as some other countries, did not provide the YouTube Partner Program,
But you can switch to the other countries in the framework of this program, and the country, which is a large number of people
That have been identified for the United States

To switch the country and turn on make money, on the Advanced Settings section of Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/advanced_settings or click the icon as shown below:

Then you click on the menu "Status and Features" to see your channel:

If your account is also in the picture above, it means you have shifted to make money, and now while downloading
Video ads will appear automatically, you can turn off advertising in the video that you do not want bar
Make money

I came here to you completed only one small step in the account to monetize YouTube recording -
Registered successfully become a partner of YouTube.

Linking Google Adsense account

For Adsense application is not rejected, your video should have some views at least a few hundred of your channel, click on the link Google Adsense Account and then click the Next button ». You will be redirected to a page full of information about Google Adsense, select Yes, sign in to your Google Account to start filling out the registration step

Next you fill out the registration Google Adsense account, you will check and approve your account
Within 1-2 days, Google AdSense for content for up to 1 week.

After the successful registration process was accepted, and you will find the following information

Section 5: What is a network? Why should
YouTube make money through a network?

What is a network?
Network (NET) is a company that combines YouTube direct contact with the YouTube partner by holding
And they have full power to copyright management, business, advertising, and pay for its partners. You will not
You need to log in to get the money through Google Adsense YouTube network will be
Broker to receive payment from YouTube and pay you, if Google's Adsense Date
YouTube is easier, but it would be more difficult that the network recorded a little bit, and we must have a good channel
Content and have a certain number of post ..
To view a large network and the best you can and visit http://socialblade.com/youtube/top/networks
statistically the times top 10 subscribers

Why join the network?

Participation in the network depends on the form of earning money from your videos, and the videos that you make to
Yourself or reupload (theft of video and uploaded to the conversion to make money), if you Reup video you
You should join the network, but Google Adsense is still the best option

When the benefits of participating in the network

 record for the network share, and will be sharing the income, but you will not get the support of
Them and the ability to lock the account less
 shift will upload videos to earn money, with the exception of videos banned all over the world, and the third
The contents of the party
 get support from NET
 There are several payment methods from Google AdSense (Paypal, Webmoney, Check, WU ...)
 the success of the high proportion of appeals

When defects involved in the network
 shared a percentage of the revenue from YouTube network (90-10, 80-20, 70-30, depending ...
Web ruled out)
 The time of payment may be slow, uneven as Google Adsense
 record harder than Google Adsense, must meet the full requirements
 prohibits some topics, such as: Animation in QuizGroup

Section #6 : The tools supports make money on Youtube is indispensable

Keyword Analysis Tool

Here are the tools to help you analyze keywords correctly, help you choose the niche you need to do to
achieve the best performance. The keyword research are the most important step you proceed to the
next process, the following are the best current tools, detailed instructions for use of each tools, please
see the next section.

Youtube Suggests

Operational analysis tool

Socialblade is a Web site on YouTube, twitch and Instagram to create data monitoring and analysis

The development of a channel to display the results for you. 

Simply enter the name of the channel, and the number of views each day ... able to estimate
The amount of money you can earn.
Word Open Source
Development of professional YouTube channel and is indispensable to the Internet, and Lord's
No. 1 option for you, take a look at why you should use Word and start building a website
Under the title of the video sharing channel YouTube your own. A better view threads that participate in video

Basic software must be installed

Internet Download Manager

The program that I think a lot of people use this is a program that helps you to increase your download
Speeds up to their highest level. On the Internet there are a lot of crack program.
Free YouTube Download
With those who are using the Refresh method to make money, then this tool will help you save big
Time, with this program you can use to download YouTube playlist.

Corel VideoStudio Pro / Cyberlink PowerDirector

Corel VideoStudio Pro or Cyberlink PowerDirector software is one of the video editing software
It has been downloaded and used more than others in the world, using a couple of programs that will work to improve
Speed up and strengthen some attractive features.

GiliSoft Video Editor

GiliSoft Video Editor is a video editing software is easy to use and powerful, with Gilisoft video editor you can cut the video to combine, merge, split, convert video, add watermark, add a comment, rotate, capture

images, adjust brightness, filters for visual effects and video editing functions commonly used in the same window. I'm using this software and found it effective, download and try it Download: GiliSoft Video Editor 6.1.0 Full Keygen

Camtasia Studio 8

Camtasia Studio 8 allows you screen capture have HD quality, and allows highlighting the mouse clicks. Very suitable for the video clip of learning, guided something. We can say Camtasia Studio 8 are a screen capture software is best. 

Some utilities and other programs

In addition to the programs mentioned above, currently I'm using more Mass Video Blaster PRO,
Tuberank Jet optimal support for video and download process, helped me to build a system to make
Money from YouTube.
Mass Video Blaster PRO: building support systems to make money YouTube
Tuberank Gate: SEO optimized for video
Vision vidIQ to YouTube, Google Chrome: displays data from YouTube video
ProShow product 6.0 full crack + phones: The program creates a very famous video

VPS Windows

VPS is a virtual server (Virtual Private Server) and we will use it as a computer, but put in a specific data center
Usually from the outside, and usually what you buy in the United States. VPS works just as your server must have
A separate CPU part, own RAM, disk capacity separate HDD, and the IP address and operating system
For download speed is very fast loading.

Professional Services

Fiverr SEOClerks two market for you to find a professional services. Here are two sites that I am more
Now used, in addition to the purchase of this item here, you can get rich from these two locations, and earn
$ 1,000 / month through the provision of services for visitors to customers all over the world here is not too difficult

You can buy the gig here, from images, video, audio, logo almost all, here are the services that I bought and using, you rest assured that the services have using means I have very carefully selected and tested before sending to you.

Section 7 : 4 tools free keyword research best for Youtube

Keyword search for niche video is something very important before you decide to build the canal, such as
It, search for keywords by SEO, the use of tools is required before you do at work, or else
You will fail to make money from YouTube.

Benefits of keyword research? 

Keyword research is to find the idea of building a canal, will be a video channel, in particular,
Thread, content, tags, and keywords of how
Some suggestions for you to determine the direction of building YouTube channel:
 make images of synthetic video
 entertainment channel, funny video
 guide and how
 How to Play
 children, children's games
 Product Reviews
 Magic

YouTube Tools Word Search

In September 1, 2014 Google decided to remove YouTube Tools tool recommend that you use words
Display scheme tool for AdWords. For those of you making money with YouTube and using YouTube
Tool when words turned to AdWords display planned use will have some familiarity. Because
More complex than just a little longer easily enter the word and press the Enter button as
Before. Below are the new and free tools and also a comprehensive alternative, and I have four options for you
And it is replaced all the tools tools YouTube Song tool has been removed, as I said above.

Youtube Suggests

For example, while you type in the search words funny YouTube, a series of related lists
Keywords show as: funny videos, funny pranks in 2015, 2015 chrome funny, funny cat, funny cat

Football, funny animals, funny dance, funny videos, but YouTube is the tool suggests.

Google Trends (http://www.google.com/trends/ )

Google Trends Google has expanded into both Youtube and now you can use the Google Trends to see search trends around the world on YouTube. Google Trends allows users to view search trends of one or more specific keyword. Google Trends will perform data in diagram form in time for us to  know when th 
interest level of a keyword increases, when reduced to low or compare search volume keywords more.

Youtube Trends (https://www.youtube.com/trendsdashboard)

AdWords Display Planner Tool 

Tool in AdWords display scheme is a tool that could replace the word YouTube, and here the word Google
Tool that combines Google Adwords Traffic Estimator and thus is guaranteed a job for this tool
Provide high performance has been removed from the old things.
In addition to 4 free tools, and there are many excellent programs such as the long tail and the word Pro
Few other programs that support, but if you do not have to buy expensive software, these tools have
Enough to earn you thousands of dollars on youtube.

Section # 8: Increase speed quickly make

money on Youtube when using VPS

What is VPS?

VPS is a virtual server (Virtual Private Server) and we will use it as a computer, but put in a specific data center
Usually from the outside, and usually what you buy in the United States. VPS works just as your server must have
A separate CPU part, own RAM, disk capacity separate HDD, and the IP address and operating system
For download speed is very fast loading.

What is the VPS supports when making money on YouTube?

VPS works like a computer, but the speed compared with normal computer. If you average
Use regular network to download video on YouTube 1GB usually take 10-20 minutes depending on
On the network used by the speed, if you rent a VPS we have the United States or Singapore data center costs
$ 15 / month at most, and it takes only 1 minute. So is the use of VPS

Section #9 : Optimize Display Related Videos on Youtube

Video optimization relevant important part require you to make if you want to earn more money from
YouTube, it helps you to increase the number of video views from different points of view, it also confirms that the declaration
Impressions, and display CPM increase your income and thus also go.

Benefits of showing related videos

Videos related video on the right side, which usually appear 20 channel video to help you get free from
YouTube views, if you understand the determinants to display the relevant video will bring you awesome
Channel traffic. If improve this step, it will not take a lot of time and effort to SEO and Advertising.

What is the Related Videos?

And show these types of video in the left column

Relevant in the right place video column of the video you are watching, and display 20 with the same subject. Sort
YouTube algorithm, but we can not control that by optimizing

How to improve and create Related Videos

If the user to watch a video tape of your own video channel, but the video display to the right of the other man,
Movement will lose quite a bit and people will appreciate the channel is not for professionals. You can see
Famous channel all their video appear to the right when users watch the video.

The decisive factor to show related videos:

Address: video title greatly affect the display related videos. ON: [channel name] - video
Part 1, ....

Description: If you have a video section 10 describing himself, YouTube known for their publisher,
An algorithm from YouTube.

Tags: Brand also known as keywords, this is the card in the video, When will the duplicate signs of clear
Video interrelated.

Playlist: A Play is a list of video channel for officials creation, the playlist is certainly that will
Contain the relevant video.

Note: The new channel group to view the video related to take a period of 3-7 days, and it's
To find the optimal video has all but we did not see anything, you just have to stay calm. 
Tip: If your new channel, go find a video in large channels, find it and add video
Video may be displayed when users watch videos from this channel.

Section 10 : Trick to fix third-party content matches

Some of you use images, audio and video copyright, is YouTube download video detection and video
The contents of damage to third parties coincide. How to not encounter this error, video playback
Make money? We will seek a solution.

Why this happened is wrong?

By YouTube: Did you download video contains content coincides with a YouTube video uploaded by
Another former party.

Use software

Two software ProShow Producer / gold and camtasia Studio 8 should be two of the software
 has also been used
Can support upload videos to YouTube from your computer before you save the video  to your computer
mode always Publish to YouTube

Join Network

Like I mentioned, when you create a YouTube channel, you must first determine your Google Adsense
Or play over the network, if Google Adsense, then your content is self-employed, network, and I think most of you play
Spleen to third-party content coincides network when you join, you can only use certified Copyright
His video.


In addition to the two above-mentioned method I used, you can change the sound, and the 
number of images in the video,
The inclusion of another video in the middle, to follow up on dat change the shape, using a separate sound in the background
Video retained profit.

I hope that this subject will help you understand the logic behind making money with YouTube.
Everything from taking any action. If you take action, you can earn good amount of money with
YouTube only.
If you have any questions or need support, please contact us here and we will reply
as soon as possible. Thank you!
The last subject to profit from YouTube  make money on youtube 

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