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Comment devenir un partenaire YouTube

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon the simplest and most anything common in profit from YouTube is becoming a Partner in it and includes a YouTube partnership with a trader and who is dividing the money effectively with the client and through ads that appear in your video. This includes everything from advertising that in the video or other you are at the top right in the size of 250 * 300 to see a detailed statement about the size of the ads, as well as its profit view I advise you to search in Google and you'll find everything, God willing, the biggest advantage in the Partner program (Partner) is a comfort: it is easy to create videos without a license to modify or lift them in directly to your channel in YouTube and enjoy them later in profit

Now we will begin the steps involved in order to become a YouTube Partner

The first step is simply the first step is to create a channel on YouTube and you could explain it in the previous lesson how to create a channel on YouTube and has also explained how to raise the cover image of the channel and described and configured for search engines

The second step after the creation of a channel on YouTube Now we come to raise the videos to YouTube and I prefer to be a video of the latter is of your own making your probably do not know how to create a video I advise you to read

 How to set up your own video

The third step of this step relating to an application to participate in the YouTube any how to become a Partner in YouTube after the video raise Hat go to the channel and that are present at the top of the north that you are using the Arabic language push in. Then Ndatt the "Creator Studio" and then you will see the settings your video also will press on the channel, we see it in the list are no monetization first thing we activate the service and so Baldgz to "activate" Seachdna then YouTube to agree to any conditions Albartner partnership with YouTube button

Then go to a page enabled on the monetization of the start of the profit from the channel

In the latter must read the terms of Adsense well and approved by putting tick on the conditions for approval

After approval of the fallopian go back to the channel and click on the monetization and from the menu that comes to us put pressure on "How Sajni my earnings," and then we link the channel with Google Adsense and wait for two hours to one day to be approved on your Adsense And so we have We finished this lesson, and I'll wait for your comments and inquiries in Amanullah

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