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how to make money on youtube and make the video in the first page

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. It is the third most visited site on the web, according to Alexa and SimilarWeb. Recent information released by Google, which has shown that more and more users are using YouTube as a search engine. The search words that have the word "how" on YouTube to grow by 70% compared to last year

It is also no secret that video content is more attractive than the site with text and can be much more useful, for example, you are looking at the word "SEO course" and found as a result of containing Closed Captioning and explain the latest video, whichever would prefer? Video and hear you say that's true. Also popular YouTube very large and is in expansion and spread of the Google Search and Video Search

Next in the graph of YouTube issued by displaying video images in the search results, which have become more attractive in the search results and some other sites have to emulate these Statistics are for the year 2014 shows the site is more frontrunners Google search results.

GSource: Wistia

oogle also has an amazing work of renovation to add a YouTube results in the tool Google Trends indicators recently. This indicates that the search traffic YouTube is large enough and that is what made Google have to be integrated into Google Trends statistics

So it is very important that you have a presence on YouTube to expand the domain marketing and building your brand Brand and gain more traffic to your site. You can not get the order in search YouTube only. You can do this also in the Web Search and Video Search

Overview of the search page results on YouTube

YouTube search page in the results are very similar to Google SERP, with paid ads at the top and results

Search underneath.

SERP is a compound word "shortcut" and its meaning in English: search engine results page Airbender: page search engine results

It can also be your videos in the proposed findings appear in the same current video section.

Establish a presence on YouTube

Before you create a YouTube channel and videos, you must have a strategy! This strategy, of course depends on a large number of videos that support the company's goals. You can create a new channel or channel to improve the existing empty. Here are the steps that loves you implemented to improve your channel on YouTube.

The channel name, the brand, the form of the URL

Needless to say that the channel should be of an exclusive name. And it should reflect the channel, Logo, Banner back, and the URL address of your brand name. Must be the rear logo and banner high quality to avoid the pixelation.

An example of the proper URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/ EliteSEMInc

YouTube recently changed its policy to to set up a custom URL for your channel. Must be where the following items are available:

Channel with more than 500 participants
Channel over the 30 days
The channel icon "Logo"
Channel by the cover

2. Keyword & channel targeted State

Can put the appropriate keywords to help channel to get a higher ranking in search YouTube. Make sure you choose the main keywords that are actively associated with the channel and make sure that this word get great search operations. And you can take advantage of Google AdWords tool keyword planner to figure out the size of searching for your key. Be sure to select the target country who want to get on the order inside.

3. Connect channel your site

Then add the site to take advantage of the settings associated with your channel advantage. And linking your site will help you in promoting your brand in search results on YouTube.

4. The channel description & links

There is a great opportunity to improve the ranking of your channel by placing links to your site and the word target in the box channel description. And more content better. And certainly it must also include links to pages on social networking sites to help users easily navigate to your site or pages of social networking sites.

5. Home Channel

You should take advantage of the featured video feature and'll find the home page of your channel on YouTube. This will allow you to highlight the selected video which automatically when someone visits the homepage of your channel. This will help to increase the number of subscribers to your channel and can help to highlight the specific information about the channel. You should also create a list of videos on the home page to help users better channel content discovery

6. Tighten your channel

Then add your channel on YouTube to your website and social networking pages Social media and attach the link in Imiolatk, because this will help to increase the proportion of Views and raise Alathurty.

Order YouTube videos factors

Video ranking factors are very clear. You can drive up Althrip the same way that we do at the sites which.

Tadz Meta Meta Tags. Video title, description and keywords These are the essence in arranging factor. You should It is very essential that you add the keyword targeted video in the three factors, and it should be the title of the video is also in the description, you must put the most important keyword at the beginning of the video title. Then add your link pages and social networking to video for more visits to your site

Video Quality Video quality. HD-quality videos and take the highest order of the favorite YouTube videos for low quality. YouTube highlights videos most specifically in the results  also looking for user convenience. The poor-quality videos that users will not be surprised to lose not only the views and subscribers, but also you will get Dislike is impressed.

Views and Likes, Shares, Posts. Order of YouTube for videos is influenced by a number of factors, and the likes (leaving your mark) on your videos, the number of posts on Alsocheal Media sites that lead to the video, when the publication of the video on your channel must begin with the deployment of video. Here are some ways to spread your videos:

Share your video on Alsocheal Media Networks
Insert a video in your articles and Imiolatk
Share your video on sites Albuqmarkiynk Among the favorite spots is the site Reddit and StumbleUpon
Search for relevant video type sites, and then publish it within these sites, blogs and this Sakspk more chances to earn views from YouTube and Google search also
This is an example of a video link and posts the results on Alsocheal Media As you can see, video Page Authority by 49/100, and this very well.

Improve thumbnail and explanation. You can take advantage of highlighting the thumbnail of the video and write annotations feature, it helps to increase viewership to the advent of video, comments and Likes, too. This Bar is available in each video you can upload custom thumbnail. Must be of high quality image (640 × 360 pixels minimum), are vibrant and eye-catching. Visually distinctive images will help get more views for video

Translator captions. YouTube allows you to add a comment to the video. This feature can help you achieve a higher view rate, including the deaf or hearing-impaired viewers or those who speak other languages. also that the search engines will crawl and archive this translation! This makes your video live up to a higher level. By enabling comment feature, chances are your video will increase in the emergence of search engines. Note that YouTube you can add that Tthom translation mechanism, but this feature is not accurate it is better to have the translator for you corrections. You have to choose to download a caption file. More details here.

In the end, it is very important to have video content with high-quality quality that add value, and participate and meets the needs of users. Of course you will get a natural Buck Lake, which will help increase the global video arrangement. Spend time working on strengthening the content of your videos, and implementation examples that I mentioned above to be for you and there are distinctive on YouTube.

Soon waited Coors video for this area are bigger and it will be almost for 7 hours.

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